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This section answers questions to topics most frequently asked by parents.  If you cannot find answers to your questions or want more information, please contact your child's school nurse.

Children returning to school after sickness

If your child has been ill and is returning to school on medication (either prescription or over the counter) please see the Medication Policy.  If your child is ill and you are unsure of when he or she should attend school, please see the Sick Day Guidelines.

Current immunizations

All immunizations must be up to date for a child to enter school.  Please check the policy for current immunization requirements.

Head Lice

For information on head lice, go to head lice page.

Is my child too sick to go to school?

Go to our acute illness page for a checklist to determine if your child should stay home.


It is a Virginia Law and requirement that every child must have a physical before entering school.

Medication during school hours

If a student requires medication during school whether prescription or over the counter schools require specific guidelines for addressing these situations:

  • Appropriate permissions and authorized instructions for administration must be completed.  The medication must be brought to the nurse by the parent/guardian in the original bottle.  When the student is getting low on the medication the nurse will notify the parent to bring in more medication.
  • At the end of the school year the parent/guardian will be notified to pick up any remaining medication.  If this is not picked up by the last day of school the nurse will dispose of the medication.
  • Any questions regarding medication in school please contact your child’s school nurse.

If your child needs medication during school hours please see the Medication Policy.  Medication forms are available to download on this web site under forms.

Eating Disorders
For more information on Eating disorders click here: